Some of our current game projects:


Bop the Bigot

Html5 (Rapidly Developed In 8 Days)

Over a million bops! Join in to fight bigotry! Bop the Bigot was build to shine a light on the dark grimy corners of the 2016 election, and beat it with a chancla. Smack down white supremacist Senate wannabe, David Duke. Whomp that big orange wind-bag--Donald Trump. And, ding discriminatory Sheriff Joe Arpiao with a flip-flop! All bops are counted toward the global battle against bigotry in American public office. 

News Stories & Mentions Include:
NBC News, NY Times, BuzzFeed, Daily Kos, Latina,
Spanish Language New Agency EFE & others...

Zig Zag

iOS / Android / Html5

Tap the screen and you’ll zig and you’ll zag. Get to the pickups and you’ll collect your swag. Jag your zigzagger’s passage through the obstacle damage. How many pickups can your zigzagger manage? Can you revel in your mettle and have success through several levels? Are you a bigger zigger? Can you be a zagger bragger? Time to test your talent in this zigger-zagger matter!


iOS / Android / Html5

How high can you go when you shoot for the skies in Honey Shot? Help Bionic Bear pick up tasty honey and spend that booty on unlockable game swag. Avoid unhinged killer bees and spaced out grubs intent on dragging you down.


Chain Reactor


Can you stop a chain reaction disaster? Use the blocking particles to stop the malicious plutonium particles from escaping and causing a meltdown in this classic puzzler. Each click counts as the pressure heats up. Play the test release now. (seems to be working best in Firefox and Mobile)


Sushi Backgammon Race: Tekka vs. Kappa 


Enjoy a round of one of the oldest board games known! In this tasty backgammon version your task is to move your pieces across the board onto the plate before your opponent. Roll the dice and place your sushi strategically: a point can never be occupied by both players simultaneously, so plan ahead to block your opponent and earn a bonus score.