Revived a web project i did a while ago-- The Fishbook. It's a tribute to ocean life. 

We stand up for immigration rights

Touch Touch worked with Mijente on providing illustrations for their Know Your Rights campaign.  Mijente and their team needed 32 illustrations for the book and information package provided to help immigrants in the USA understand their rights in the face of immigration crackdowns directed by the current President. Touch Touch Studio strongly backs the rights of immigrants worldwide and their push to make better lives and communities.

Honeyshot's an example of rapid development.

Honeyshot is a free to play HTML5 and mobile game developed at the end of Summer 2016. Focusing on a tight development cycle, the results are an easy to play non-stop climbing adventure. It also is a great test for what can be done inside a few weeks and published out in a variety of formats.  

Are you interested in developing a game for your business or project?  We want to help you. Honeyshot is a great example of original game content developed rapidly and deployed on an affordable scale. 

check it out now in your browser on itunes or Google Play.

Character Design: Tiny Oceans

It's the little things

Did you know half of all oxygen on the planet is created by these little guys?

Touch Touch Studio's  Tiny Ocean IP is a world building project that's inspired by the magical unforeseen complexity in the world immediately around us--  an exploration of the world from a plankton's point of view. Part game, part story all in a great big world. Tiny Ocean’s setting explores where fantasy and science come together.

Taking ideas inspired ideas and bringing them to life.

Cross Promote-- with Tees

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